Learn to dance Salsa - in Leicester

Currently I'm only teaching private lessons

I hope to start salsa classes at a venue this in autumn/winter 2021.

If you have floor space at your own venue - this is the most cost effective option for you (£9 per hour).

Otherwise I can book a venue, but my charge per hour will be £19 per hour


About the Private Lessons

If you want personal one-on-one session or are a couple and want to learn the basics very fast, please leave a text message on 07422 50 66 11 and I'll call you at your convenience to discuss with no pressure to do anything.

Or email me at artofsalsa@gmail.com .

Whether you're a complete beginner or have some done salsa before, I can design the session to be totally adaptable to your needs & time-frame.

I teach solo dance or partner dancing - or both.


Pricing for private lessons

If you have your own venue in Leicester, each hour is £9 person or £15 for two people - per hour.

By venue, I mean a clear space of  2 meters by 2 meters (6.5 feet by 6.5 feet) or more - which is more than enough for two people to learn & practice.


I'm available

Weekdays from 6pm - 10pm

Weekends from 9am - 3pm

Note: For example, if you want a lesson from 7pm - 8pm, I will need 5 mins to set-up before 7pm and 5 mins after 8pm to clear - so you have a full hour for learning.


Why have private lessons?

Some reasons:

It will be the quickest way to learn the basics with my full attention.

If you've never done salsa before and just want a lesson to see what its about - this is perfect.

You've been to a salsa class but you find the pace too fast or some steps glossed over - I can teach the relevant parts so you have a better understanding.

You just want to learn some moves to add to you repertoire.

You're a couple and want learn to dance so you look good together.



07422 506611 Call me/text

If I miss your call, I will call/text back after 6 pm on weekday’s or after 9am weekends